Reveal Drop Downs Automatically


In the past if you had a drop down menu that activated with a mouseover event that showed more navigation elements you would have to press SHIFT and then you could mouse over the drop down.

However, it was very difficult to then see any element analytics in the drop down or even click on an element in the drop down to see more details. Now you can interact with drop down menus like you normally SHIFT key needed!

Grouping Nested Elements





Sometimes a button or menu item might consist of a bunch of elements, but from the visitor's perspective it is really just one. We've optimized how our algorithms detect these cases and will better group nested elements without any hard work from you.

Keep Me Tracking Now Live

Keep Me Tracking automatically upgrades your Lucky Orange plan once the user's current plan's pageview limit is hit. The upgrade allows for continuous data collection and chatting regardless of how quickly a website grows.

As of Feb. 1, Keep Me Tracking has been enabled for all Lucky Orange users with the exception of those users who have opted out. Keep Me Tracking can be disabled or re-enabled at any time by access the setting in "My Account" tab. Read More About Keep Me Tracking Here.

Other Notable Changes:

Improved Bot Detection

Bot detection has been boosted to further limit the number of bot-generated recordings.

Increased Data Storage Lengths

Up to 1 Year of Storage

You can now store your data for longer than 30 days. You can select 60, 90, or 1 year storage plans. If you need something larger or more custom please reach out to us at

Discounts for Longer Storage

Longer storage plans also come with additional monthly discounts, so don't forget to take advantage of the huge savings!

Shopify Cart Items

Shopify users will now automatically have visitor cart information added to recordings such as number of items, total price, and each item in the cart. There is no configuration or additional steps necessary to enable this functionality. Enjoy!

New integrations with Adobe DTM and Google Analytics

Two new integrations allow you to automatically create behavior tags from existing analytics events. If you already have analytics events set up in Google Analytics or Adobe DTM, those events will be added to recordings without needing to recreate those events again as behavior tag rules.

Trigger Polls Based on Tags

You can now trigger polls based on behavior tags. This will work with both behavior tag rules based on URLs that you edit in your dashboard, and with javascript behavior tagging, so you can dynamically trigger a poll based on any type of of javascript event.

Tagged in Session or Any Time

You can also make a distinction between visitors tagged in the current recordings session, or if they were tagged in any previous recording (i.e all time).

Exclude Active Recordings

Because our recording data comes in to your dashboard within seconds of visitors arriving to your site, very busy sites can sometimes have many pages of recordings that are still ongoing and often do not have much data to look at yet.

You can now Exclude Active Recordings from the recordings table. Just look for the new button in the recordings tab next to the Export Rows button.

This is useful for busy sites so you can instantly see "completed" recordings.

Full Screen Live View with Laser Pointer

Live View While Chatting in Mini Window

When chatting with a visitor, you can toggle live view and see them in a mini window.

Full Screen and Laser Pointer

You can enlarge the mini view which will bring up the option to turn on a pointer. The pointer will highlight areas of the visitor's screen, so you can help them find exactly what they are looking for.

Coming Up Next...

Stay tuned for additional information on the awesome features we're planning to release soon!

Realtime Improved

It seems that our Changelog has been pretty quiet over the past few months, but don't fret! Our team has been working hard to bring our customers only the best improvements, updates, and additions. Here's a sneak peek at just a few of our changes, and more updates aren't far behind!

The entire realtime system has been reworked from the ground up to be even better. Our old system used polling to track visitors on your site, and there was often a wait before asking a visitor to chat or trying to live view. This also included a lot of chatter between our polling servers and the visitor's browser. This has been vastly improved with the use of websockets.

Super Realtime

The new system uses websockets for all of our realtime functionality, such as chat and live view. When looking at the live visitor table, all rows visible will now update instantly as visitors move from page to page or as other data changes.

For example, using our behavior tagging javascript API will update the table as soon as it happens.

Improved Accuracy & Connection Speed

Connecting to ask to chat and live view is now extremely fast, usually take less than a second. In addition, we worked on many edge cases of recording highly dynamic sites, so recordings and live view should now be even more awesome.

Coming Up Next...

See how live view is more helpful for both operators and visitors.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Lucky Orange will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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