Lucky Orange changes
Lucky Orange changes

Unanswered chats trigger away forms





An away form will now automatically pop up if a visitor-initiated chat goes unanswered by an operator for more than 10 seconds.

If an operator accepts the chat while the away form is being completed, the visitor will be bounced from the away form back into chat.

If the visitor completes the away form before the chat is accepted, the information will be emailed to operators who can then respond to questions at their earliest convenience.

To enable this feature: If you already use away forms when your chat operators are offline, you do not need to do anything. The away form is already enabled.

For those who do not use away forms but would like to use this feature, click here for a helpful guide to set up away forms.

Other recent improvements include:

  • "Date created" field added to site dashboard
  • Enhanced recording playback in Firefox
  • Minor bug fixes