Lucky Orange changes
Lucky Orange changes

Realtime Improved





It seems that our Changelog has been pretty quiet over the past few months, but don't fret! Our team has been working hard to bring our customers only the best improvements, updates, and additions. Here's a sneak peek at just a few of our changes, and more updates aren't far behind!

The entire realtime system has been reworked from the ground up to be even better. Our old system used polling to track visitors on your site, and there was often a wait before asking a visitor to chat or trying to live view. This also included a lot of chatter between our polling servers and the visitor's browser. This has been vastly improved with the use of websockets.

Super Realtime

The new system uses websockets for all of our realtime functionality, such as chat and live view. When looking at the live visitor table, all rows visible will now update instantly as visitors move from page to page or as other data changes.

For example, using our behavior tagging javascript API will update the table as soon as it happens.

Improved Accuracy & Connection Speed

Connecting to ask to chat and live view is now extremely fast, usually take less than a second. In addition, we worked on many edge cases of recording highly dynamic sites, so recordings and live view should now be even more awesome.

Coming Up Next...

See how live view is more helpful for both operators and visitors.