Lucky Orange changes
Lucky Orange changes

New features & enhancements





Beginning on April 4th, we will begin rolling out a major update to our customer base. The rollout should be seamless and includes many notable improvements.

One improvement you will likely notice is an uptick in pageviews. This increase should not cause any alarm nor is it in error. There are several reasons why this number could be higher than expected, including:

  • Improved load times
  • Optimized tracking efficiency
  • More consistent tracking of visitors using older browsers

If you have more questions about why some visitors are still not being recorded, please consult this help documentation.

Your recordings now include even more information

More visitor information will now be available when you access user recordings. Previously included information, such as IP address, location, browser, etc., will still be available. Additional information now available includes:

Activity Level

As one of our most-requested additions, now you can instantly see exactly how active visitors were during their recordings.

Landing & Exit Pages

How did visitors get to your site? Similarly, what was the last page a user visited before leaving your site? Now you don’t even need to dive into each specific user to see this information – simply glance at recordings to find out.